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It gives an overview of my professional activities as an economist, statistician, historian from the 1960s until today. Prominently covered are key projects that emanated from my work at the Federal Statistical Office of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Economics Faculty at the University of Heidelberg. But as can be seen from the selection of published and unpublished material, I continue to feel empirically encouraged to work on concepts that explore how society could move towards greater sustainability.

Included is also a comprehensive, still unpublished study entitled “Janus Principle”. Progress by Looking Back (“Janus Prinzip”. Fortschritt durch Rücksicht). As suggested by the title and subtitle, it explores the interplay between progress and re(tro)spect(ion).

Lastly, this homepage allows me to thank my friends and former colleagues for their manifold support.

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Beruflicher Lebenslauf Curriculum vitae
Annäherungen Approximations (Retrospection of a national accountant)
Verabschiedung Farewell at the Federal Statistical Office (2005)
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Weimarer Kolloquien Weimar colloquia (on sustainable development)
Schriftenreihe Scientific series (of the Federal Statistical Office)
Input-Output-Handbuch Input-output Manual (of Eurostat)
Japanische Bücher Collection of my papers in Japanese
Hildegard Bartels Hildegard Bartels (biographical notes on the former
president of the Federal Statistical Office, 1972-1979)
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Gesamtrechnungen National accounts (extensions) available in English:
*Magic Triangle of Input-Output Tables
*Social Accounting Matrices and  Extended Input-Output Tables
*Women´s Gross Domestic Product
Zukunftsmodelle Models for the future
Unveröffentlichtes Unpublished
Janus Prinzip. Janus Principle (Progress by Looking Back)
Vorlesung über psychoanalytische Lectures on psychoanalytical theory (Heidelberg 1968)
Theorie (Heidelberg, 1968)
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